16. March, 2019 - 21:16 SamBrishes

pytesNET is an Open-Source Development and Programming organization, which creates useful scripts, cool plugins, beautiful themes, and amazin projects using Python 3, PHP 5 / 7, JavaScript (ES 6+) and Dart (using Flutter). This website shows our side projects for the FlatFile CMS Bludit, which we also support on the official Patreon page.

Here you'll find all of our Bludit themes and plugins, but also some neat tips, tricks and tutorials round about this content management system. Don't know Bludit? It is a really easy-to-use content management system (written in PHP), which doesn't require any database system (such as MySQL or PostgreSQL) and it is also highly extend- and modifable. The Admin UI is perfect for newcomers (website holders, without any programming experience) and the Core System / Plugin API is also really handy for developers and designers. So, if I've sparked your interest now keep an eye on this website and check out the official Bludit Website itself, of course!

Sam @ pytesNET

PS.: You can find pytesNET also on GitHub as well as on Twitter!