BLUP 001 - About Draft and BootyPlus
08. May, 2019 - 11:55 SamBrishes

Draft is a new small extension, which adds a "Preview" button next to the "Save" one on the edit content screen of Bludits administration. It allows viewing as Draft stored content on the frontend website without publishing it directly. The Preview mode is also just available for administrators and the respective content creators, of course. The Draft Plugin can be found on this website, on GitHub as well as on Bludits Plugin Page.

This plugin may lose his necessity after the release of Bludit version 3.9.0, which comes up with an own (way better) Preview function. As requested by Joduai, it may make sense to keep it online for those who don't want to update to 3.9.0 immediately. So it may don't get removed directly, but instead it gets merged into another project called "BootyPlus", which also contains a currently not official plugin called "paw.MoreLevels". BootyPlus will also contain some other additional functions, which extends the admin area of Bludit.

Reactions Plugin

The Reactions Plugin may receives also a small Update, which contains an optional Sidebar Widget (which is just shown on the respective content pages). It contains also the possibility to use stars instead of Emojis to react to your content, other rating images / methods are planned as well. Additional frontend functions to list content after the most and best ratings will be available too.

That's it for now, thanks for reading and leave a comment below!

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Written by Abdulhalim on July 24, 2019
Thank you my friend for all your hard works
Solid work!
Written by dave on May 10, 2019
Dear author, I have to say your work you bring to Bludit is incredible! Thanks for it.