BLUP 002 - About our new Website
24. April, 2020 - 19:31 SamBrishes

Hellow Folks! As you may currently see on your screen, we've a new cool website! Now also located on his really own domain - - instead of just using a subdomain as has been used before. And this was the most difficult decision, because I really didn't know how I could name this project. I also not really happy with codeBLU, because of 2 reasons:

  • It is incredibly easy to type the domain incorrectly in the browser (I mean for REAL, I have already typed in the domain incorrectly a dozen times)
  • It looks like a scheme-copy of (another Bludit dev)

Still, I didn't had a good name for it, so I kept it this way. The only thing that was really planned is the new fancy Google-owned TLD .dev and not just because was already taken, but also because it really fits the topic of this website. This TLD can be registered by everyone, just a SSL certificate is required.

New Updates & Projects

Together with this website 2 new projects as well as one new Plugin-Update has been released too. The first one is a redirect and forward Plugin called Redirects, which helps you to avoid 404 error pages when changing the slug of a page. The second one is an Advanced Media & File Manager called Media, which is also the first Plugin which is available in a Plus Supporter version called MediaPlus.

Last but not least, our Draft has received a new Stable Release, which is also the last update the Plugin will ever get. The complete Plugin has been made obsolete with the release of Bludit v3.9.0, so it doesn't make sense to maintain it further. At least, the latest & last release contains support for v3.0.0 and above (instead of just v3.6.0+) as well as a few neat additions.

pytesNET is back in the Game

We're back in business, developing Bludit Plugins & Themes - next to a view other projects - and of course our iOS and Android Bludit application, called Bludion, is also still in progress. So stay tuned, and keep yourself up-to-date by following this website or our Twitter account.

Thanks for reading!

Stay 200, Sam.

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Written by Abdulhalim on April 26, 2020
Just I can say, Thank you for your hard work.