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Tutorials, Tricks and Articles about the Bludit FlatFile CMS.
2020 04 21
Plugin Review - Admin Bar (v1.0.0)

Today we take a look to Martin Cajzer' Admin Bar Bludit Plugin, which is available for Free in Version 1.0.0. The plugin itself adds an admin toolbar to the frontend of your website.

2020 04 20
Tutorial - Account Recovery [Hacky Way]

Just a small tutorial of how you can recover your Bludit account, if you don't have any Recovery Plugin installed. This should ONLY be done on your own local host!

2020 04 02
New Release: Bludit v3.12.0 "Handwashing"

Version 3.12.0 ("Handwashing") of the Bludit FlatFile CMS has been released. It contains a few bugfixes as well as some cool new features. Let us check out the new lines!