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2020 04 29
Reactions: The re-newed Rating Plugin

The new version of our Reactions Rating Bludit Plugin has been released. It contains a bunch of new cool systems and features. And a Reactions+ supporter package increases this further!

2020 04 23
Redirects: Keep your URLs cool

Our new Redirects Plugin allows you to forward and redirect slugs and pages to another ones (for example if they don't exist any more). You can also force https everywhere!

2020 04 21
Draft: Development has discontinued

The Draft Plugin, to view posts easily before publishing it, will not be developed further. The reason is simple: Bludit has his own Draft / Preview feature since version 3.9.0.

2019 05 05
Reactions: Content-Rating with Emojis

Allow your users to react to your content using cool Emojis, selected by yourself, instead of boring stars, heart or thumb icons. 😎😍🤩

2019 04 30
Pagination: Version 0.2.0 released

A new version of our Pagination Plugin has been released. Version 0.2.0 allows you to get more space and options fo formatting r your content. And the backend also looks quite better!