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02. May, 2019 - 09:36 SamBrishes

We're currently working on many Bludit based projects, as you may have already seen on this website. Next to new and existing plugins we're also trying to design cool new themes, using the Designer theme environment extension. But that's currently just a side project, our main priority is currently located on the Snicker [Plus] comment system. (The [Plus] version marks a chargeable Supporter Version).

Snicker [Plus]

The Snicker Plugin is the first native, flat file comment system for the Bludit CMS. It offers a highly configurable and designable environment and is also completely conform to the European GDPR. The next major release contains many new features and improvements, as well as a new Plus called paid edition.

The Plus Version contains additional features, such as a Dashboard Widget, support for other third party plugins, the ability to "favourite" comments (and pin it to the top of the comment list) and a few more. It is only available for purchase (for a small price) and is meant to support this and our other Bludit based projects. Of course, the free version will stay forever and will also be extended and improved, just a few small "nice to have" features went to the paid edition only.


The Poll Plugin is our second project priority. It contains a nice Admin UI to create configurable Polls, a Sidebar widget as well as a Page implementation to show and interact with them. It will also be completely GDPR conform, and I guess it is also an important functionality which Bludit currently miss.

Designer + Themes

After both plugins above has been released, we may work on a new major release on our Designer extension. One part of this is the theme environment script, which allows Theme developers to add additional functions and features (such as a Menu Manager or configurable themes). The other side is an End-User based plugin, with which the user can interact with the new theme features (configure available options and use the menu manager with an interactive interface).

The Designer extension receives a Sidebar / Widget manager, new available option types, as well as an Editor environment to edit the theme files directly on the Bludit administration. Together with this, we will also release an improved "Zerendo" theme version as well as a new company and blogger template called "Elendra".

That's it

That's it for the first time. Please note, that this list doesn't contain any guarantee, it is just our current road through our projects. Like yesterday, it may happen that a small plugin or modification, like the Draft Plugin, is pushed in between or something more important (such as our iOS/Android Application project).

What do you think about these projects and do you've any suggestions or ideas? Let us know in the comments below (and yes, the comment section below is our Snicker Plugin, just with a custom design).

Stay 200,

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