DiscontinuedDraft: Development has discontinued
21. April, 2020 - 09:12 SamBrishes

The last version of our Draft Preview Plugin has been released and it will stay by this, because the project development has been completely discontinued. The reason is simple: Bludit adds an own "Preview" feature for pages, drafts and autosaves in version 3.9.0. However, even if this is the last version and Draft is not really used by many, it still contains a few and last extra features.

New Features

One of them is the behaviour itself. Prior to Version 1.0.0 you had to save the content manually before pressing the "Preview" button, now it saves it directly too. Either by creating a new autosave item, when your content is more than 99 characters, or by saving it with the same page status.

Draft is now also compatible with Bludit 3.0.0 up to 3.8.0 and adapts its functions to the respective changes. However, it also adds back the missing "Save" Button on Drafts (in v3.2.x and v3.3.x) as well as the missing "Save as Draft" button on published pages (in Bludit v3.4.x and v3.5.x).


You can directly download the new release on GitHub or on our own Website. Even if a little work went into the plugin, you should REALLY consider updating your Bludit version instead of adding a "missing" feature using this plugin. Simply because of the security factor of outdated CMS versions.

Still, thanks for using and reading this!

Stay 200,

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