Hellow World, Hellow Bludit
16. March, 2019 - 21:19 SamBrishes

Hellow World and Welcome on codeBLU!

The new home for all of your plugins, themes and projects, developed for the awesome content management system Bludit. But this website will not only offer you many extensions, to increase your own Bludit powered site, it will also contain informative posts and articles. However, the main topic remains on Bludit, so we will publish really useful tips, tricks and tutorials, but also news and reviews to new Bludit Updates as well as to plugins and themes from other awesome developers.

Unfortunately we're not able to publish content regularly, but we try our best to make you and all these starving SEO companies out there happy... At least with one or two posts per month (Not Guaranteed).

Still WiP

Keep in mind, that this website is still in a continues development. And even if we first test everything locally, it may happen that some errors, design issues or awkward stuff remains over. You can always contact us via Twitter or per eMail if you find something like that and want to report it to us.

Of course, you can also contact us if you find any bug or if you have any suggestion to one of our projects. You can also post these stuff directly on the respective GitHub Repository too, if you've an account there. Otherwise, just feel free to use Twitter or our Mail address.

Stay 200,

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