New UpdatePagination: Version 0.2.0 released
30. April, 2019 - 08:21 SamBrishes

Our Pagination plugin allows you to get more Space for your Content, now also with a configurable pagebreak variable, non-conflicting canonical linking, additional possibilities to inject the paginations and a few more cool options.

The second major Alpha version (0.2.0) of our Pagination plugin has been released on GitHub. It adds a translatable environment (including a german translation) as well as a bunch of new and updated functions and features:

A configurable nextpage comment
The real first version didn't allow to change the "nextpage" comment, which splits the content into multiple pages. This has been changed: The new default setting is Bludits "PAGE_BREAK" variable, which separates the excerpt and the content. But from now on you're also able to change this into your own custom variable.
Prevent Plugin CSS from loading
Even if there isn't any theme yet, which supports the pagination structure, it is now possible to disable the Plugins CSS file from loading. This is really useful, if you want to build an own theme, which supports this pagination OR if you just want to use your own pagination styling at all.
Inject Pagination on the Start/End of the Page
The default behaviour of the Pagination injection was the use of the "pageBegin" and "pageEnd" hooks, which aren't available on each theme out there. Now it is also possible to inject the HTML code at start and end of the pages content. This method modifies the content variable of the page directly and MAY causes some errors if you already using plugins which modifies the content.
Canonical Linking, the right way
The new version also supports a correct canonical linking with attention to the Canonical Plugin. If the plugin is enabled, the canonical handler of the pagination plugin will be disabled, otherwise it takes over the complete meta tagging + support for splitted subpages, of course.
Improved Backend UI
A new improved administration UI was one of the important steps to this version!
The new Administration Interface

Of course there are a few more lines, which has been changed in the new Update, but the above points are the key elements of Version 0.2.0. As always, you can download (and star as well as fork) the latest release on GitHub. Check out our own Plugin Page too, if you have some time left.

Thanks for reading this changelog and have fun with this plugin.


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