New PluginRedirects: Keep your URLs cool
23. April, 2020 - 17:32 SamBrishes

We created a small new Plugin called "Redirects", primary for our own website. This plugin allows you to redirect or forward paths of your website to another ones or to complete external URLs. The main use-case should be to prevent 404 "Page not found" errors, when changing the slug of a page or to redirect the user temporary to another article.

Another function allows you to force SSL (so the https: protocol) everywhere on your frontend. It is REALLY important to check if the SSL certificate of your domain is set and active BEFORE you enable this option. You should also check if your site URL also contains an s after http, however, the plugin takes also care if this isn't.

That's it, it's just a small, but a really useful feature, at least for our use. The plugin is available on GitHub as well as on our own Plugin Page. Feel free to write us your improvements and wishes.

Thanks for reading.

Stay 200,

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