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21. April, 2020 - 11:27 SamBrishes

WordPress, Drupal and many other popular Content Management Systems already offering a small handy admin toolbar, which allows the user to quickly do some actions, jump to a specific admin page or just see some quite interesting information. Bludit itself doesn't offer such a core functionality, but the Admin Bar Plugin from Martin Cajzer ( fills this gap.

What's Inside?

The whole plugin code is in the main plugin.php file, only 4 images as well as an additional Polish translation (next to the English one, of course) increase the files number in the folder. But this amount of code is already enough to show a small toolbar, containing the site title, a local "Edit Post" short link, some extended admin links and some meta information as well as a logout button.

The Admin Bar Plugin on our own Website

A few settings are also available, this way you can show / hide the site title, the extended administration menu links, the settings links as well as the whole admin bar itself. Another small option allows you to change the Position of the toolbar (top or bottom).

How does it work?

The system behind this plugin is really simple, it just adds the styles as well as the HTML code of the admin bar on the bottom of the used theme. Everything is included using the siteBodyEnd() Plugin hook, even if the sideHead() hook would be a better place for the styles itself.

However, the code is really simple written, which allows it to easily extend the plugin on your own. Adding own / custom links, change the default ones or do some other cool stuff directly on the core code is not a big deal.

My Wishes

We already played with the Admin Bar Plugin, because we tried to add a menu item to it, however not directly as code but via our Snicker Comment Plugin. This wasn't really easy, since the Admin Bar doesn't offer a function or hook, which allows other plugins to interact with the output. So we decided to use JavaScript to achieve this, which may isn't the best choice to do so. So my biggest wish for a future feature would be an interface, where other plugins are able to add his own and custom items.

Still, the plugin is really useful for, at least, content creators! Would do you think? Write me your opinion down in the comments!

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