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2020 04 24
BLUP 002 - About our new Website

Hellow and Welcome (back) on our new website, which received now also his very own domain! Let us talk a bit about the re-launch of this website and also about the latest updates and releases of our Bludit projects and products.

2020 04 21
Draft: Development has discontinued

The Draft Plugin, to view posts easily before publishing it, will not be developed further. The reason is simple: Bludit has his own Draft / Preview feature since version 3.9.0.

2019 05 08
BLUP 001 - About Draft and BootyPlus

Let us talk about the release and future of the new Draft Plugin, which allows you to Preview the content on your Bludit website before it gets released, and the new project "BootyPlus" project, which combines two existing plugins and a few more features.